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A business cash advance from Alternative Business Funding, provides an immediate business cash advance electronically wired into your business account without the requirement of collateral and without the confinement of a strict repayment schedule. No need to worry about late payment fees, repayment is through a percentage of your future Visa/Master Card receipts, freeing your time to focus on using your business cash advance to improve your small business.

Qualifying for a small business loan in today's economy is difficult, but a business cash advance can be an easy alternative. A typical business loan involves a complicated process for a small business owner, including a lengthy approval process, excessive paperwork, low approval rates, collateral, personal guarantees for security and fixed monthly payments.

Have you ever had a limited time offer from a supplier to buy inventory at a substantial discount?  -  Have you ever had the narrow window of opportunity present itself and you just needed the cash on hand?  - The most profitable business opportunities don't make themselves available for too long. Someone else will grab them if you don't. With a Merchant Cash Advance, the cash can be available to you within days.

“It does not matter how old your business is, unexpected expenses and hard times can leave you in need of immediate working capital. Being able to secure a merchant cash advance may mean the difference between surviving the hard times or closing your doors for good. Consider a cash advance loan designed for small businesses. If a bank has denied you, a merchant cash advance may be just what you need”

Our business cash advance offers a streamlined process that provides a simple one page application and immediate access to unsecured funding from $2,500-$500,000. We will fund between 100%-200% of your total monthly credit card volume as an unsecured cash advance for your business. Our funding is better and much simpler than a commercial loan completely unsecured, fast, transparent and hassle-free. With no liens against your home or business… no complicated paperwork… you can secure a merchant cash advance for your business… with the working capital to match your critical demands. And, depending on how your cash flow is generated, we offer repayment options via either future credit card receivables (a small portion of your credit card processing daily to repay the cash advance) or weekly ACH bank debits. Business Cash Advances are there for businesses of all sizes, and businesses from all different niches. You will further benefit from high approval rates, minimal credit requirements, all of these features provide you with immediate access to working capital funds that you can use for any business purpose.

Apply Now Bad Credit Ok

Emergency Funding/Positive Cash Flow,  Payroll, Daily operating expenses, Vendors

Purchase/Repair Equipment/Increase productivity, Good Investment

Overdue Payments/Taxes - Free up working  capital in slow times

Store Improvements and Renovation/New Signs  New equipment, New merchandise, Paint Supplies

Purchase Inventory/Seasonal Merchandise  Volume  Discounts, New Products and Services

Expansion and Growth, Larger facility  Expand hours of operation, Additional  locations, Increase Advertising

Use the business cash advance for any business purpose, including:
Business Cash Advances are Fast, Easy and Cost Effective and are the Best Alternative to Small Business  Loans or Unsecured Business Loans. We have the Solution When your Business Needs Cash.
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Our approval rate for business cash advances is currently around 85% because The Business Loans that Banks  Deny, We APPROVE through Merchant Cash Advance. Merchant Cash Advances Are A Necessity in Today`s  Economy. Here at Alternative Business Funding, you stand a great chance of  securing the  funds that you need  from us today!. Find out within 24 hours whether we can help you or not – apply for a cash  advance today.

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